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Title: Stuck tones with the editor
Post by: vurt on February 13, 2020, 04:09:35 AM
I can hardly touch anything in the stand-alone editor (v2.11.3) without tones getting stuck. Often I can get rid of them by fiddling a lot with various variables, but not always. Very tedious. Decay or Sustain does not seem to be the issue (e.g having infinite decay somewhere could obviously get you into this territory).

Is this just how the editor is for everyone? Or is this a problem with the MIDI connection on my end somehow (I've tried USB and MIDI, i've also tried different USB cables and inputs to my PC).

Other than this issue the editor is fantastic, very easy to use. The VST editor does not work for me in Cubase, all i get is "MIDI In cannot be open".. This on a completely empty project with just the editor enabled and no other MIDI in the background.

Video of the issue with stuck tones:

Edit: I read there's a way to reset the PreenFM2 (inst+menu), this is not really a solution since the stuck tones gets back directly when you start the sound again. Saving, reloading another patch and then reloading the patch i was working on can work to get rid of the really "hardcore" stuck tones.. Not really a solution either, making patches would take forever.

I'm on the CV version of the firmware btw.. so euro version of PreenFM2.
Title: Re: Stuck tones with the editor
Post by: Xavier on February 14, 2020, 02:24:40 AM
Stuck notes : double check midi loops from the daw. And disable midi thru on the preen.
To be able to select the pfm2 midi port from the vst,  « preenfm mk2 » midi port must not be enable by the daw.
Title: Re: Stuck tones with the editor
Post by: vurt on February 16, 2020, 01:03:47 AM
Thanks for the reply.

I use the stand alone version of the editor, so i don't think its a midi loop?

MIDI Thru is disabled.

Got it working in my DAW, same thing, whenever i touch e.g envelopes stuck tones occur.. "reset" in Cubase is useful, this does work and resets the sound to normal. but tiresome since there is not keyboard shortcut, i have to use this reset every 2-5 seconds when editing a sound.

I've tried two different USB cables. Tried different ports on my PC.
Title: Re: Stuck tones with the editor
Post by: vurt on February 16, 2020, 02:29:45 AM
Ok, it seems to be working now.

What i did was;

Connected standard MIDI (in+out) from soundcard to Preen2fm
Used DAW version of the editor.
Turned off MIDI for my soundcard in Cubase
Turned on the same MIDI in the VST editor itself
Playing midi track using USB (called "Preen2FM Editor Out").

There's a big difference using standard MIDI with the editor.. the sound playing actually stops for a short time when you edit variables in the editor. With USB the sound never stops when you edit something, it continues and gets garbled as you e.g move the envelope, its easy to understand that notes gets stuck because it just can't keep up with what's going on.

Hopefully its of some help to someone having the same issue. I usually like to have a sequence on repeat when i make patches for synths so that i can hear the changes in sound in real-time (and without tediously having to play manually on the keyboard). I guess this is part of the issue i had perhaps, having sound playing + editing at the same time, with USB this does not seem possible due to how its processing the sound.