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I do not recall this bug specifically but it´s been a while since i used my PFM2 with the editor. I recall it being a little bit buggy, and sometimes i had trouble either getting the data from the editor to the device or the other way around. Usually i restart it all and this makes it go away long enough for me to be satisfied.
But still yeah it´s a bug alright, even if it´s a small one and easily fixed by myself.

PreenFM2 / Re: No Midi over USB
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:17:58 PM »
Silly basics but;
# have you matched the midi channel to the one in preen?
# have you set the preen internal midi mode to usb?

To finish up this thread - the build was a 100% success and the PFM2 booted up nicely without any hiccups at all. Amazing machine, really - so glad i went for this and took the step to build my own despite the lack of experience.

To anyone thinking about building one - go for it! It was actually quite simple and besides some tiny things (which i asked here) totally without trouble.
I did not even have to construct the display shielding since i hear no noise. Crystal clear sound and loud aswell.

Holy s**t the synth sounds good - and the UI is actually very simple to understand and quick to learn. I just the other night got extra happy when i realized it´s 4-parts multitimbral on top of everything else!  :D

Now all i could wish for would be a small DIY kit to expand it to 4 output pairs to match the parts aswell. That would be even awesomer.  ;)
Anyway, thanks for the help guys and multi-thanks to Xavier for bringing forth this amazing device to us users!

PreenFM2 / Re: preenfm2 editor 2.08.4 (November 25th 2017)
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:32:34 PM »
Hey, i have i bug to report!
The editor is great, no doubt about that!  :D However, myself and at least one other user (am gathering info from another forum) has experienced that notes sometimes "hangs" when using the editor.
I have not experienced this using the machine itself.

I´m running the latest editor version, using the latest firmware on a newly built PFM2. My system is running W10 Enterprise X64 with all the latest updates, on a MBP 2015. I´ve been sequencing it from a Synthstrom Deluge but i don´t think it´s related.
Please, let me know what i can provide to help with troubleshooting. So far, the error appears seemingly at random and when fiddling with different sound parameters. AFAIK it just hangs and no way to get it to end but to restart. I´ll try to gather more info when i can.

Edit: tried making some edits and running a sequence (from the Deluge) on two channels with a pad-like sound with two voices on one channel, and a single-voice bassline on the second. It took some time to trigger the bug this time but after a while the pad sound hanged when switching from the filter-tab in the top back to engine.
The "hang" did not affect the bassline. Nothing so far except reboot works.

Great, thanks for that info - very helpful!
Not 100% clear on some things you describe but hopefully i will work it out when i get there. It´s always good to have some inside info though, before getting started.

Thanks for the video reminder, i´d totally forgot about that one!  :D

Thank you Xavier for your swift reply and explanation, i feel a lot more confident now.  :)
I have sent a question to Van Daal as well, and will update the thread with their response, to add to the general knowledge base.

PreenFM2 / Build questions continued
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:46:50 AM »
Hey all,
i have another question - as you can se by the attached images i have arrived at the point where the text states:

"Now let’s solder the 4 plastic capacitors. With the resistors around and the operational amplifer, they make a low pass filter (20Khz) whose goal is to antialias the output of the DAC."

In the original image all the four capacitors are white-ish and the upper & lowermost ones have the text "1nJ100", but as you can see mine are red and have the text "WIMA  1000 100-" i think (a little bit blurred).

They were the only ones that made sense to fit in place. Are they alright or should i try to find something else? They were included in the full kit i got from VanDaal.

Thanks in advance. :)

Hey Xavier, i´ll be careful and won´t rush the process. I´ll try to finish the build today - really looking forward to it!
Thanks for your reply.  :)

Hi AnoNeko!

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. And now i feel a bit more confident to continue with the construction when i get home from work later today.
I figured that if the direction of the small items were super-important, they would have mentioned it or in some other way marked it on the surface on the item itself. So, on with the building.
Again, thanks for helping out and i wish you countless hours of fun with your machine!  :D

PreenFM2 / [Solved] Just started soldering.. am i doing it right?
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:33:25 PM »
Greetings from Sweden!

I´m a total newbie and this is my first DIY project, so obviously i have some very basic-level questions.

I´m following the guide here:

At the first step i´m supposed to solder 10 * 100nF capacitors and one 330nF, however the 330nF one has the text 334 instead and is yellow (instead of blue in the guide), and the 100nF ones are marked 104.

Small differences, but these items were the ones delivered so i soldered them in place - i hope that´s ok? I´m not familiar with electronics at this level of detail.

Silly question two - does it matter which direction the capacitors have when soldered in place? Like, does it matter if the text point left or right.. I´m guessing it don´t since there were no markings of any kind and the "legs" are the same length, and nothing was mentioned in the guide.

Really looking forward to using my PreenFM2 so i don´t want to mess this build up so thanks a lot in advance for your help!  :)

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