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Hi  :)

first congrats for this really cool project. Building the device was easy and fun, thanks for the excellent manual.

Well, i LOVE polyphony and - too bad - I got some problems with the polyphony. When setting long release-times, some new notes are NOT triggered. Normally i would expect the still sounding notes to be cut and to be replaced by the newly triggered notes. But, as i mentioned the NEW notes are not played when old notes got long releases. I made an MP3 of what i mean. You hear 4 times a dull 3-note poly-sequence with SHORT release, all is perfect. Then i make the releasetime quite long and things get ugly, Sequencer is FLStudio:

Another issue: when playing it from a Fantom X6 keyboard i get lots of not recognized NOTE OFF events resulting in note hangings. It's the first synth where i got this behaviour. When played from a JX8p or from a DSI Prophet08 or through my midisport 4x4  all works fine. I sent the Fantoms Midi-Out into the monitor of midi-OX to see if its sending some strange values (Note on with velocity 0 or sth like that) but all looked fined. Might be a hardware-issue  :-\  My waldorf midi-gecko (midi chord memory) also refused to work together with the fantom.

Last thought: if i had a feature-wish for preenFM, it would definately be MORE VOICES, even if there is only one LFO left with only 2 Matrix-slots. But i guess thats not so easy, is it?

Ah, i still got 1.51, maybe the polyphony-issues are fixed in the meantime...?

thanks for reading


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