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PreenFM2 / Pulse Width Modulation on PreenFM2
« on: August 29, 2014, 10:22:37 AM »
Here's a trick for getting some nice PWM from an operator pair on the PreenFM2. 

The trick requires a pair of operators so use something like algo12.  Turn off all the IM, v and Mix except set Mix1 to 1.00 and IM1 to 4.08

Set Op1 to a Square Wave, keyb Freq 1.  Set a no attack, full sustain envelope while you test it out.

Set Op2 to a saw, keyb Freq 1.  Again, set a no attack, full sustain envelope.

Now go to the LFO page and set LFO 1 Sin  Freq=0.46  Bias=0.5

In the matrix page make sure all 12 Srce are set to none.  Then set Matrix 1 Srce to lfo1 Mult=0.9 Dest=IM1

You should have a PWM oscillator sound.  LFO1 controls the PWM speed.  The amount of IM1 is a bit tricky.  If you use too much you get an octave up effect happening.

I've attached a string sound I made using this trick.  I used 3 detuned PWM pairs.  The filter is mapped to the mod wheel.

PreenFM2 / More Cowbell
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:10:06 PM »
Here's how to cook up an 808 cowbell on your preenFM2.

We only need two oscillators in series and no FM, so set the Algo to 2.  Voice to 1.  Glide to 0.  We are not using FM so set all the IM values to 0.  Mix1 and Mix2 to 1, pan in the middle. 

Now for the oscillators..  Op1 has a square wave, Frequency is fixed at 845.  Op2 is also a square wave fixed frequency at 587.

Both op1 and op2 amplitude envelopes are the same.  They have a fast initial decay and a slower decay after that.  The settings are..  Attk 0 lv 1 Deca 0.12 lv 0.22 Sust 0.85 lv 0 Rele 0.91 lv 0

That is pretty much it.  You could add a HP or BP filter if you like .  Also you could spend some time tweaking the envelope times.

PreenFM2 / Modulating cutoff for the bandpass filter
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:19:30 AM »
I cannnot get the bandpass filter cutoff to modulate.  If I create a patch with a LP filter and set a modulation matrix to use P1 to modulate the cutoff it works properly.  When I change the filter type to BP, I cannot seem to move the cutoff using P1.  Anyone else having this problem?  Perhaps I'm missing something.

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