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PreenFM2 / rebooting the preen from menu?
« on: April 04, 2019, 01:44:20 PM »

I'm new to this place, just got my preenFM (eurorack edition, Van Daal Electronics). So far I'm amazed by it capabilities. intuitiveness included.

Sometimes however some of the instruments don't make any sound (while they previously did). Solution is rebooting. For now, until I find the real cause I can live with this reboot sequence, but it requires me to powercycle my whole Eurorack, which is a bit ... well losing setting sin other modules etc...
Could there be a reboot menu item? This would also be superhandy to eg. quickly back up some settings for a project I'm working on without having to powercycle or unplug the usb

Second great improvement would be a subdirectory structure in the menu dor DX7 presets... so you can have more than 255 .. (just asking :)


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