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PreenFM1 (the blue one) / Re: MIDI on / off issues (1.61)
« on: April 17, 2012, 09:36:12 AM »
yes, thank you.
i'll dig into it at the end of the week.

PreenFM1 (the blue one) / MIDI on / off issues (1.61) [fixed in 1.70]
« on: April 17, 2012, 08:13:32 AM »
first of all: merci beaucoup for the nice and very comprehensible kit, xavier!  :)

i built it yesterday with quite some experience in soldering kit assembling. as the subject says, i'm having issues with MIDI. some MIDI notes are simply ignored, when they still get triggered, they usually last for ever, ie no MIDI note off is received. besides this phenomenon everything seems fine.

i did check other forum entries on that topic and did what was recommended. yes, the optocoupler is correct, yes, i did try another MIDI cable, yes, i made sure that the MIDI settings are correct, yes, i'm using a very simple MIDI keyboard which is attached directly to the preenFM. no drivers, no USB interfaces and such.

in a post, i found that:
> . On the attached picture, I've colored all the connections involved in the Midi input.

however, i wasn't able to find this picture mentioned above. could you / somebody please repost it?

merci & meilleurs salutations

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