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PreenFM2 / Re: Preen 2 Parameter Sheet
« on: August 11, 2018, 02:29:39 PM »
Hello there..
Yes, I guess that what Lloyd Cole is looking for is a printable table with all parameters written, and a blank box close to each parameter, when he could write their value..
Like those 1980s sheets of paper we used for the DX7, we could find an empty one at the end of the user's manual..
Remember "Guitare & Claviers ?" They were publishing 10 DX7 presets, plus a few ESQ'1 and, I think, Juno2 presets, per months..

PreenFM2 is much more complex than the DX7.. More parameters, but also, the matrix.. And is not a definitely finished engine, can still evolve.. That would make such a sheet soon obsolete..
But sure useful in any cases,  when you are programming presets..

Have a nice time..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 stopped working..
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:26:46 PM »
100% successful.. Thanx a lot Lokki..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 stopped working..
« on: January 09, 2018, 04:08:06 AM »
Thanx for caring, Lokki.. I see I've not been clear..
My LCD doesn't show anything, except rows of faint squares..

PreenFM2 / PreenFM2 stopped working.. (solved.. Thanx to Lokki)
« on: January 08, 2018, 09:49:12 PM »
Hello there..
My preenFM2 was working ok the last time I used it.. that might have been in june.. Then I parked it for a while, and took it again today.. And when I plugged an USB cable, running from my computer to the preen, I had a short flash of the blue LED, as usual, and a series of squares on my LCD screen.. I plugged earphones on one output, just like I had done before, and tried pressing INST and one of the buttons on the left, but had no sound in my ears..
So of course I need help..
Have a nice evening or day, or even both..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:45:55 PM »
There's so much to reply..

The question is not to know if there are 100 FM synth VST plugin on earths, and if they are better than PreenFM2 or not..
PreenFM2 is good.. Very good.. And I have one, so I will spend time trying to know how it works, until I'm able to get the best it can do, and to make presets for it..
And when I make good presets on my PreenFM2, I would like to be able to use them also on my Zynthian, if ever it's possible..

Great if some 100 FM VST plugins are good too.. If they are better, or even if they are worse, they might still be interesting options, ok..
But do I want to spend time trying to understand how 100 VST plugins work, how complicated and abscure is their UI, and how to get the best out of them ?? Or do I want to spend time making my presets with a tool that I know, and playing music ??

If PreenFM2 cannot be adapted to Zynthian, then it will still be time to have a look at NI FM8, or 9, or even 10..
IF EVER THEY CAN BE ADAPTED ON ZYNTHIAN, which is not sure as well..

For now, Zynthian runs a few engines.. mda epiano, Dexed, ZynAddSubFx, afo (amongst few others)..

Anyway.. Thanx Teevee for your comment.. The fact that I react against it doesnt mean it was a bad argument.. I understand your position.. Mine is simply different..

And thanx Xavier for your answer..

Have a nice time, both of you, and the rest of the world too..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:56:27 PM »
Ok Xavier.. Merci beaucoup..
I'll let you know how it goes..
Have a good night..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 21, 2017, 07:28:14 PM »
Even if it is open source, I wouldn't want to ruin in any way, Xavier's business..
So I prefer asking..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 21, 2017, 12:29:59 PM »
Hello there.. Hello Xavier.. You didn't answer, and if you don't, I won't insist.. The question can be resumed to "would you allow me to ask around if someone could convert PreenFM2 into a Zynthian copatible engine ?? And then would you allow to ake it available to everyone ??"

And it sees that, in the sae tie, a second question arrives.. What about a VST version ??

I would understand if you'd chose to be protective and would wish the PreenFM2 to remain as it is.. I'd be very pleased if you'd accept it to be adapted in different format..

Have a nice weekend, you and everyone.. And enjoy the light..

PreenFM2 / Re: synth from arduino uno
« on: October 21, 2017, 09:39:40 AM »
i will post some soon
Hmmmmmmm.. Yes please..

PreenFM2 / Re: custom extended firmware
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:15:27 PM »
This is a great news.. PreenFM2 is growing better and better..

PreenFM2 / Re: Converting DX7, or DX9, presets..
« on: October 15, 2017, 11:34:59 AM »
Oh.. that's great.. thanx . And I suppose that when feedback is 7 on one operator, I must turn this operator to saw wave.. ok ok.. thanx again..
And enjoy the cool sun..

PreenFM2 / Converting DX7, or DX9, presets..
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:47:17 PM »
Hello there..
How can anyone convert some DX7 prests into PreenFM2 presets.. Is it as simple as loading the DXé sysex into the preenfm2 ?? I guess not..
 Or do we need to enter the parameters one by one, by hand, and make some conversions ?? (for example, operator volume on DX7 become a modulation index on PreenFM2.. It's value can be 0-99 on DX7, and 0-127 on PreenFM2.. Rate scaling, lever scaling, need the modulation matrix.. etc etc..).. Is there a conversion table somewhere ??

Have a good night..

PreenFM2 / Re: PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:42:38 PM »
Hello Xavier..
Thanx for your fast answer..
First, I would like to be sure that I wouldn't want it to ruin your business, or the popularity of the PreenFM..
I mean I wouldn't want to be told that people no more build PreenFM2s just because they have it on Zynthian..
I hope the opposite, I mean I would like to be told that because they can also use it on Zynthian, people are much more interested by your machine..

I don't know what you know about Zynthian.. It is just a multi-engine platform, as they call it.. It can run ZynAddSubFX, Dexed, MDAepiano, MOD-UI.. But all those virtual instruments, you cannot program them on your Zynthian.. You only have access to a few parameters for each machine.. You can consider the Zynthian as a "player", you have to programm your machines on a computer, and then load the presets (sysex) to your Zynthian so it can use it..

I understand that it would be much work to adapt the PreenFM2 to Zynthizan, and I guess you won't be the one doing it.. And because I know nothing in programming, I am not the one either.. But who knows ?? Maybe someone here, or in the Zynthian community, would be reay to do it.. I could ask, but in no way I would ask it if you don't give me the rights to..

I believe that making a complete PreenFM2 Zynthian compatible, would not be so easy.. But a PreenFM2 player that would run on Zynthian ?? People would have to program it on the PreenFM2, and then they could play the presets on their Zynthian.. Or they would use the existing library..
No need to be multitimbral, as one could run several instances at the same time..
I know that Dexed is already implemented on Zynthian.. But PreenFM2, with its multiple LFO, and the modulation matrix, and the multiple waveforms, plus the user waveforms, is something different and, on many sides, much better..

(and btw, a VST PreenFM2 plugin would be a great thing too, in my opinion.. But still.. I wouldn't want it to ruin your business)

Have a good night..

PreenFM2 / PreenFM2 on Zynthian ?????????
« on: October 14, 2017, 12:38:57 PM »
Hello there..
I'm a dummy, when it comes to programming..
I have a PreenfM2 and I love it..
I'm also building a Zynthian.. I was wondering if the PreenFM2 could be integrated into the Zynthian platform.. The Zynthian already includes Dexed, and I'm happy for that..
But for many reasons, Preenfm2 is much better.. SO I would like to use it inside the Zynhtian..
But you will sure tell me that it's not possible, right ?? Because the programming software is different, of for any other reason ??
Life is so crual..

Except that there is sun..
Hoping you enjoy it..

Hello there..
something like: :::: (but each point can be turned on and off individually)

That reminds me of something.. Was it Yamaha QX5 ?? But that was in a single line.. I prefer in 2 lines.. It's easier to identify which number is on or off, especially for numbers 3 to 6..

Have a nice day everyone..

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