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Oopss sorry i totally missed this message.
This is the preenfm1 forum and there atlmost no activity over here.
Can you confirm you have the preenfm1 and not the 2 ?

No worries :) i think it's amazing that you still help people out! i'm sure there's lots happening :) but yeah i have the preenfm 1, i can confirm!

Hello there!

I recently got a second hand preenfm and i'm trying to upload these 128 patches. The only problem is that after the sysex file is sent the preen keeps showing "waiting sysex..." with a second line saying "Bank:0  ##-200". moving the encoders doesn't change anything, if i press menu again a message DONE appears but the patches are nowhere to be found.

Anybody can help?  :-[ i'm a total beginner in fm synthesis so having a few more presets would be great!

i'm running firmware 2.00

thank you  :-*

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