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new PreenFM2 in Austria :)

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Wow first of all, what an amazing kit. I have built alot of DIY Synths in my days, but this kit is just plain awesome to build. Everything works, the PCB is high quality, the Case is a bliss to build and looks awesome. My USB Stick doesnt work, so i will post Pics of the finished PreenFM2 later.

Pics are in the next post...


Resized the Images for the Forum.. Finished it now, seems to work with the Sandisk USB  8)


Thanks a lot for these great pictures.  :D

Where did you get those knobs ?
They perfectly fit the black and white of the rest.


Hey Xavier, thanks for making this all possible.. i am having a lot of fun already.
These knobs are hard to get, i had them spare off another project i did in the past (Midibox SID MB-6582).

I like the spacy look those knobs have.

Feel free to use my pictures for your own promotion purposes if you like, i can also make others for you :D
Greets Patrick

Those are the legendary "waldorf" knobs. They aren't stocked anywhere, the MIDIBox people put together a group buy from time to time as they will only make a minimum order quantity (2000?).


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