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A new PreenFM2 in Buenos Aires

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Hello all!

I received my PreenFM2 kit yesterday. Box was pretty mangled up, thankfully contents was unscathed.

Just finished building and testing satisfactorily. Only minor issues I had was the plastic halves that come with the mini usb for the short cable from pcb to arm did not click together, and one 12mm m2.5 screw was really hard to put a nut in and therefore had to replace both of them from the top panel for some black hex screws I had laying around. It looks ok I think in the end.

It sounds great!

Now I have to read the manual a bit to familiarize myself with it´s innards since I am an FM newbie.

Will follow up with some more photos, and might try swapping some knobs I have around here for the kit´s ones, because they are really tight and don´t go down all the way (afraid to push too hard!). I will also try to shorten the Midi cables a bit, and put them the other way round so the plugs have the "top" on the top!

Thank you Xavier for doing this wonderful synth and also for the little extra detail added to my bottom panel!

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Finished PreenFM 2

USB stick is a freebie I got at a convention, 4gb capacity and so far works ok! I like it because it is very compact.

I wonder what the P1, P2 and P3 areas are on the PCB, ended up with no pins soldered there, as per the assembly instructions. The photo of the instructions does show some pins sole red there but no jumpers.

My screen has some slight unevenness in it´s back light, bay be I will try to loosen the two bottom screws for the screen a bit to see if this improves.

Another detail is the volume pot, which I think is a bit too long, it could be at least some 5mm shorter.

But these are minor details in a very well thought out kit!

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Thanks for the pictures  :)
And also for the feedbacks.

The state of your parcel is very impressive. I'm really glad nothin is broken inside.
It used to be a rigid squared clean packet.

Sorry for the small problems you had specially the screw.
You don't need the plastic for the mini usb, it's really not necessary...

After or while reading the doc, post any questions or remarks you may have..

P1 : is the debug pins to plug a st-link v2.
P2 : eventual future expansion
P3 : eventual future 4 analog inputs.
So you should not need them,



I swapped the knobs for some white ones. These have a set screw.

I like how they complement the white buttons for an all black and white look.

I scraped the indicators which were printed on top for the encoders.

So far so good!

PS: I have higher res. photos if needed!

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Incidentally, what is the function of the orange led we solder on the pcb?

I ask this because I have not noticed this led lighted, and I don´t want to replace it (or resolver it) again before checking it´s function.

Thanks and keep up this great work!


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