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New Preen Build from PCB


Finished my PreenFM2 yesterday ... first it didn't start but that was due to a bad usb drive.

I decided this is the last time i bought a display from buy display... The prices and the choice is really nice but they just don't look very good.

I made the case myself at the local fablab from a piece of plexi i still had. Don't know if i like the color though.
If somebody really likes it i can make another case like this.

thanks Xavier nice work. I love algorithm 27 :)

I'll have to dive in now...

Hi Shiftr nice to see you here.

I love to see a different color of PreenFM2 for a change!

Nice hex screws too.



Thanks for the picture.
This is a very original one.  :)

Algorithm 27 is additive synthesis ;-) It's often used by DX7 patch to emulate B3 organ sounds.



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