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Preen freezes when selecting empty slot


didn't use my PreenFM mk1 for a long time but started to play around with it lately.
So I loaded Firmware 2.0 and everything does work fine except from one thing.

Currently I do use a Korg ESX to sequence my PreenFM which does work alright,
but when I browse through the patches to preview sound the preen does freeze up
every time I come across an empty slot, while the external sequencer is running.
Same happens with my midi keyboard, the preen does crash as soon as I do trigger
a note while an empty slot is selected.

Any chance this could be a firmware related problem?



Hi Marco,

Nice to see people still using the first preenfm.

Yes, this is definitely a firmware related problem.
Although i can understand it's a bit annoying, it's not a blocker.
Sorry about that, but it will be low on my priority list.

As a wrorkaround copy a patch "STOP" in the last several presets of you bank and never go beyond it.


Hi thanks Xavier,

yes sure its not a biggy. Will overwrite the empty patches with a "init"-patch which should do the trick.

Happy that its not a hardware issue.

keep up the good work



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