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How to create txt user waveform

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Thanks Jarvis for the help , is working ;)


i  would like to know if you have some .txt user waveform to share ? i searched the internet and i didn't find any .txt files.  ???

thx !

you can make a topic to put your waveforms to start to sharing with the others ;)

Many thanks Xavier for the new updates .. Loving it
As for waveforms, I haven't tried audacity, but hope can find some waveforms similar to Shruthi 1 to upload

what pitch should be used when making the sample for import? I played c3 but pitched it down 24 steps and 2 of them sound in tune, another doesnt really. I see pitch is related to the number of samples some how but i dont quite get it

and I read that importing the .txt will normalise the sample to 0 and 0 correct?


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