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Well, I have built the latest metal case kit (R5 board) and closed jumper 1 & 2. When I plug in the USB power source, or a 9v source I get no response from the unit. When I hold a button and add power via USB connection the device powers up and the LEDs blink and I get access to the drive on my computer. Pressing button 1 I can turn off and on the access to the storage device.

The issue I have is when I apply USB power sometimes I get mixed unknown characters on the display or nothing at all. When the characters are displayed they do not resemble anything I can read. I am not sure if it is a solder issue or firmware issue but I have been attempting to reburn the PreenFM2 firmware but it came loaded on the USB stick with the kit.

Is it a firmware issue or did I miss a solder point?

I did the best I could to scour other posts in case anyone had the same issue but mine seems a bit different from the other fixes recommended.

Thanks in advance!

I'm having the same issues. Just finished my kit.

When I plug in just the USB to my laptop, I get all gibberish plus a high pitch noise.

I was able to get it working with the jumper 2 removed and a 9v & USB at the same time.
However, I still get intermittent random characters and horizontal scrolling.

Weird thing is that in Firmware mode (where you can mount the USB) the screen renders fine. I think OP was seeing the same thing.

Running Firmware 2.203o

Yes, that is very similar except fewer legible characters. Now that I am home I will try out that combo but not sure where to go if it works.

Thanks for the read!

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In firmware mode the timing in the LCD communication are more conservative. Which explain it works better.
What you see is the LCD receiving some corupted commands.

That maybe due to bad LCD header connection or dirty header pins.
Try to check and redo the LCD header soldering and clean the pins.



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