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i started implementing the midi offset or transpose (-24 to 24) and added a parameter row etc. it all shows up in the menu but is not yet working. anyways, this solution seems rather hacky, because transpose should really not be saved in a preset. i also had ideas to add a random small detune to each played note, to make it sound more "natural", that should also not belong to a preset...

i thought about it and came to the conclusion that it would be great to have these kind of settings saved in the combo file.
as i understand it is merely a container for four presets. there is no additional things saved, right?

my proposal would be:

on pressing the instrument button, you cycle through the 4 instruments and when you arrive at instrument 4 an additional press would bring up the combo settings menu.

these settings would then be saved and recalled with the combo.

settings that i would include (in order of importance)

-midi channel for each loaded instrument
-transpose in halftones (-24 to 24)
-random detune

this would make the 4 midi channels in the global menu obsolete. but it would not change the preset system of the preenfm2.

would something along those lines be feasible??

i'm very happy to help, although i would need some guidance, as you have figured out already i think...(but i'm starting to see the light :-))


Having the midi channel in the combo would make much sens  :D
And Having a page after I4 dedicated to that is a good idea.

But you'll need to modify the combo file structure.
For the moment it's only 12 chars for the name + the 4 presets.

And adding a page for combo settings requires a bit of work.
I would need to dig in the code to help you more.

But i really like this idea.

hi xavier,

thanks for thinking about it.

it would be just super great if you (and maybe i can help a little) can make this happen. this would open up the possibilites a lot. if you can also add the transpose offset in the combo page as well that would be killer. but i guess if you have to add a page anyhow adding another parameter would not be that much of work.

may i also suggest, that the combo presets gets saved with a few empty parameters as well? that way if there is stuff to add later, the file structure does not change. maybe that would be a good idea for general presets as well, but there the "mess" is already there :-)

thanks for looking into this, great and very appreciated.

one potential problem with this setup is, that you can "lock" yourself out of the preenfm. say you change from a combo with channel 1 2 3 4 to a combo with channel 5 6 7 8 via program change on channel 1. you can then not change back on channel one, but you have to change to channel 5 to get back. a solution would be to have a global midi channel for program change etc. (i did a simple mod already that does this, although it does not filter any messages out)


"Lock" ?
OK but you can simply turn back from 5 to 1 with the preenfm2 encoders.
Yes i like your mode to controll all channels from 1. It's usefull in many situations.

I'll have to work seriously on a 2.08.
Don't know when though  :-\


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