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hi there,

i am hacking the firmware quite a bit lately and have made a github fork to save my work.

find it here if you are interested:

the changes as of now are:

*hertz mode: in the oscillator settings, changes detune to hertz increment instead of cent, beating stays the same over whole range of the instrument.

*global midi channel: if enabled midi coming in to this channel will be sent to all four channels. useful for mpe instruments mainly.

*program change modes: enhances the program change options in the settings, off and cc are the old no and yes, bank combo and dx7a and b ignore banknumber messages and switch the choosen mode via program change. (banknumber lsb cc32 can still be used to choose bank number)

*usercc: set a cc number in the global menu (anything from 0 to 126) and choose that as a matrix source. be aware that there are many cc's taken for other things on the preenfm2, so best to check first if your desired cc is free.

i will try to keep this post updated with the latest info, and hope to continue to work a little on the firmware.

EDIT:xavier, i'm not sure if i should post a binary here in the forum, what do you think?

firmware is attached

Very nice...  :)

I think posting the binary is a good idea.
Please try to find a different firmware name : "L.07" ?

ok, original post updated... is this different enough?

Hello @Lokki..
And hello @Xavier..
ANd hello @Everyoneelse..

First of all : a big thanx for the "hertz" detune which, I believe, should be an option available on each single synth.. Nothing more boring that a 4hz "beating" in the upper octave when the ensemble effect in the lower one is so slow and sweet..
I think that, using the mattrix, it was still possible to use Note Scaling as source, OpFreq as destination, and a negative value (-0.0001 ???) if the detune is >0, and vice versa, but that means  using up to 5 matrix slots, and some time to set all this up.. And that would waste the Note Scaling which can be useful for envelope rates or Modulation Indexes..
This HZ function will be more versatile, lighter, easier to use, less dispendious.. If I'm allowed to vote, I would vote for Xavier including this function/option in the official firmware..

Second : Usercc is probably an useful feature too.. I can't tell for the 2 other new features, as I don't understand much what they are and what they mean.. I need more experience..

Third and last : Autumn is here.. Enjoy it..

global MIDI channel is really useful feature, and the original firmware definitely missed it.

and the question: is it difficult to make either „normal“ & „overclocked“ binaries, as it's made for original firmware?


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