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hi there,

i am hacking the firmware quite a bit lately and have made a github fork to save my work.

find it here if you are interested:

the changes as of now are:

*hertz mode: in the oscillator settings, changes detune to hertz increment instead of cent, beating stays the same over whole range of the instrument.

*global midi channel: if enabled midi coming in to this channel will be sent to all four channels. useful for mpe instruments mainly.

*program change modes: enhances the program change options in the settings, off and cc are the old no and yes, bank combo and dx7a and b ignore banknumber messages and switch the choosen mode via program change. (banknumber lsb cc32 can still be used to choose bank number)

*usercc: set a cc number in the global menu (anything from 0 to 126) and choose that as a matrix source. be aware that there are many cc's taken for other things on the preenfm2, so best to check first if your desired cc is free.

i will try to keep this post updated with the latest info, and hope to continue to work a little on the firmware.

EDIT:xavier, i'm not sure if i should post a binary here in the forum, what do you think?

firmware is attached

Very nice...  :)

I think posting the binary is a good idea.
Please try to find a different firmware name : "L.07" ?

ok, original post updated... is this different enough?


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