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Hi  I am having issues booting from USB stick.  It will load into bootloader, but will not load into the synth.  I have tried to reformat the drive I have tried to use a different usb stick.  I have tried to reflash the bootloader.  I have checked the connections on the usb port.  I do not know what to do next.

what happens when you are in bootloader mode and access the usb stick via pc/mac? is the stick recognized by the pc/mac? can you move/delete/create files/folders?

what do you see on normal startup on the display? where does it freeze?

I can not see it in Mac or Windows.  It shows the block on all of the OLED when I start the synth.  Tried the instructions in the FAQ and no solution.

ok. the usb-stick directly on the pc works? how did you format it? /pfm2/ directory created? (just pointing out the obvious)

I have tried to format in both windows and osx using the basic format tools to format to fat32


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