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PreenFM2 stopped working.. (solved.. Thanx to Lokki)

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Hello there..
My preenFM2 was working ok the last time I used it.. that might have been in june.. Then I parked it for a while, and took it again today.. And when I plugged an USB cable, running from my computer to the preen, I had a short flash of the blue LED, as usual, and a series of squares on my LCD screen.. I plugged earphones on one output, just like I had done before, and tried pressing INST and one of the buttons on the left, but had no sound in my ears..
So of course I need help..
Have a nice evening or day, or even both..

try only pluggin in the headphones after startup. also try not to insert the stereocable fully, leave it a little out so that both channels connect to the mono output (you will get sound on both headphones)

i remember having this problem also sometimes when i had the headphones fully plugged in (could not find a pattern)

also, does the display look normal? you can edit a sound etc..?

Thanx for caring, Lokki.. I see I've not been clear..
My LCD doesn't show anything, except rows of faint squares..

most likely your usb-stick is bogus... try reformatting it or if this does not help, try another usb stick. from the faq:

--- Quote ---My PreenFM does not boot (display full of square)

If it's stuck with the display full of square, the PreenFM2 cannot read your Usb Stick.
Be sure "/pfm2/" directory exists.
Try to reformat your USB stick and reinstall /pfm2/ on it (yes it was sufficient to several people).
If still no success, try an other stick. <=4Gb are more likely to work.
--- End quote ---


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