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Hey y'all has any one had luck using the octatrack to remotely program change the preen to different preset banks/combos.

I've been trying to read up on the previous posts but cant seem to wrap my head around how the OT sends Msb/LSB and how preen receives it. I'm most concerned with combo changes but would love to know how to do all of the above.

If anyone's had any luck please can you walk me through how to make this happen? Scrolling through banks on stage isn't a great look...

I just cant seem to communicate this info

Bank select (CC#0) and Bank Select LSB (#32)
Bank select=0 =>  BankLSB=Preenfm bank number
Bank select=1 => BankLSB=Combo number
Bank select=2 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 0->127
Bank select=3 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 128->255

From OT to Preen.

maybe not the answer you are looking for, but i have made a custom extended firmware, where you can choose in the global menu what incoming program messages should do, change banks/combos etc. maybe that would be an option? you find it in the custom extended firmware thread...



I think it's not very clear from the doc.
You first select the bank once.
Then, use program changes to trigger a preset load from the selected bank.

Chosing the bank is done through regular CC.
If you want the first bank of combo :
Send 1 to CC#0 (Combo)
Send 0 to CC#32 (Combo bank number).

Then sending program change will load combo from the first bank of your combo bank.

But i  have no idea how to send that from the octatrack.
And i still haven't looked at what Lokki did exactly for program change, so i cannot comment  ;)


and i have still not uploaded my latest firmware source to GitHub... will try to do that soon.


Thank you for the responses from both of you and sorry for the delay. I've finally gotten around to trying this extended firmware and seems like it might do the trick! It's started to work great for me being able to change combos remotely from the Octatrack.

One issue I'm running into, it seems like the PReen only listens to program changes from the octatrack on the incoming midi channel 1 I.e. if I send program change from Midi Channel 1 to Preen the fm listens to program change as combo change. But, if I try to send a program change from midi channel 2 the preen will not change its combo based on that program change. Is there a setting I'm missing to allow this? I'm glad I've gotten this far but hope not to have to reprogram everything to suit.

Thanks for the help!


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