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Two longform pieces made entirely with PreenFM

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  Just released my new ambient cassette that I made using only my beloved PreenFM2 through some Eventide plugins.  Xavier, if you read this, let me know if you'd like a complementary copy and I will get one posted to you  :)

Teaser video-

Soundcloud preview -

Bandcamp link -

"Following on from debut release Delamere, Manchester-based ambient producer, The Last Ambient Hero presents two new long-form pieces ‘Cassini’ and ‘Trappist-1’.
Inspired by the early electronics of pioneers such as John Chowning, Laurie Spiegel and Jaap Vink.
Generated live using cellular automaton & deterministic event generation software controlling the PreenFM2 synthesiser & Eventide DSP.
The master tape was made directly from the computer system at TSE which recorded and stored the sound data in digital format.
No other analog recording was involved at any stage of the production and editing process.
Digital recording and editing at TSE, September 2017.
© All rights reserved."

Thanks for sharing, lots of very nice sounds and dark ambiance !!  :)
Great concept... love the cassette.

Shared on the preenfm2 facebook page.  :)

Thanks for the kind words Xavier and thanks for creating such an awesome synth.   Cheers!


Great work!


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