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midi out not working (solved)


hi !
I'm a proud new owner of a preenfm2, I really like it..
thanks for making it happen !

I wanted to let you know about a trouble I encountered about midi out :
in my built I could not get midi out to work, after some head scratching I found that page :

according to that page, the midi out resistors values should not be the same when using 5v or 3.3v -> in the preenfm, the resistor are 220 ohm and should be 47 ohm as the voltage is 3.3v on that zone.
so i tried to put a 220ohm in parallel on the midiout pullup resistor : bingo ! midi out is now seen by my midi interface (edirol UM-2ex) :D

best regards


Interesting, thanks for the feedback.

What a coincidence, I have the problem, too with my teensy midi controller.
Will try this, thank you!

If you look at here: which 220 is it from the 3 on the right side, the first I think?

Yes, exactly, the resistor i modified is the closest to the ld1117.


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