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Hi all!

I just got my preenfm2 this week! I am really loving the device, so much good stuff to say.

I am wondering some things about the default saw waveform, it sounds a bit muffled, is this because its a low ramp? Is this a conscious design decision perhaps because a pure saw is less usable in FM synthesis?

I was also wondering if someone here has a a nice pure saw waveform that they would be willing to share here, or if this is perhaps impossible on the pfm2.




Have you try feeding the attack with a short modulator ?
Or use an eveloppe to pitch shift the first ms ?
That often gives punchier attacks.


That makes sense for an FM way, I was more wondering if I could use the custom waveforms to blend a more "regular" saw shape on a carrier with my FM operators to create unique combinations. But perhaps I should first explore FM more and create a saw-ish shape using your suggestion :)

You can also try loading your own user waves. I tried using sampled saw waves from analog gear and ended up hating it for FM purposes. I also tried a more “accurate” saw wave and the reuksts were too buzzy and filled with unwanted artifacts.


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