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Strange behaviour starting up


Hi there,

I managed to update the firmware to 2.10. nice.
Then I made a mistakte by unpluging the usb cable out and now i can't even start up the preenfm.

The blue lights blink but nothing happens on screen's all black.

Is there a reset some where to reset the system? or should I reload the firmware? I made a copy of firmware 2.08 before upgrading...

Any help?

Seems like after many tries, i finally manage to start up fine. But when playing with it, the screen display strange letterings....I don't understand what actually went wrong there...  to the developer, any ideas?

Sorry for the delay I'm on vacation far from home until august 5th.

That cannot be a firmware problem.

That's likely a bad solder joint or a missing 'led' resistor.


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