Author Topic: Preenfm2 for sale.. Already built, fully working..  (Read 536 times)


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Preenfm2 for sale.. Already built, fully working..
« on: August 13, 2019, 10:32:42 PM »
Did you ever dream that you would have a preenfm2 but you are not able to soulder anything ? Or you don't have time.. Or you're lazy.. or your soldering iron is dead..

It's beautiful, isn't it ?

Now it's your chance !!

I am willing to sell my BUILT AND WORKING PREENFM2..
Already built, for FREE..
Built a bit more than one year ago, tested, working, but then I didn't use it much..
In fact, I explored it a bit, tried a few things, and went back to my usual VSTs..

So, it seems clear that I will never really use it, even if I'm sure it's a great engine..
(Obviuosly, if it were a VST, I would almost always be on it, programming presets and playing music..)
(And btw, Xavier.. Or anyone having the answer.. Is there any reason why the Preenfm2 is not compiled as VST,  AU or LV2 ?)

Ok ok.. So, mine doesn't have the beautiful blue OLED.. And no ugly yellow OLED..
In fact, line has an LCD screen.. That's nice too.. But it won't fit in the usual box.. And that's the reason why I sell it without box..

So, it's a Preenf2, without box, and with an LCD screen.. You will decide to keep the LCD, or to buy and mount an OLED.. ANd you will have to buy or build a case..

Whatever.. I have paid it 140euros plus 10euros shipping..
And I will not ask any profit.. I will sell it back for that price (140+10), even if I spent time on it to build..
Isn't it a chance ?

So if you are ready to pay 150 plus shipping, you can contact me..
Pictures can be seen here  ;
Have a nice.. day ? night ?