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Problems writing to usb stick
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:00:02 PM »
Hello there,

I'm having some issues with my PreenFM2. It seems that it cannot write to the usb stick. If I try to create a bank, it freezes at "In Progress...", and or if i change a setting and the save config, it freezes. I have tried three different USB sticks but all the same.

If I boot into the bootloader I can mount the USB stick(s) to my computer through the PFM2 usb port and see the `pfm2` folder and all it's contents (the usb .zip recommended on github release page for 2.08). I can even *write* to the stick in this mode, so doesn't seem to be a fundamental problem with writing, only when in the PFM2 firmware which is weird.

Can anyone help me debug this further?