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recall mix via program change
« on: January 10, 2021, 11:54:26 PM »
last one for today :-)

it would be great to recall mixes by program change.
so a global menu entry for program change mode. voice or mix recall.

EDIT 1: also recalling voices from different banks via cc0 does not seem to work reliably, is this supposed to work? i thought i could change the bank by cc0 and selecting then via program change which patch to load.

EDIT 2: so program change of mixes does kind of work. do you really want global midi channel to be part of a mixer preset? still it is unclear to me how you decide what program change does, can you elaborate?
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Re: recall mix via program change
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2021, 09:22:31 PM »
Program change is described here at the top of this page :

Code: [Select]
  Program change
  Bank select (CC#0) and Bank Select LSB (#32)
    Bank select=0 =>  BankLSB=Preenfm bank number
    Bank select=1 => BankLSB=Combo number
    Bank select=2 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 0->127
    Bank select=3 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 128->255

By default program change load from the pfm presets.
If you change CC#0 and #32 it can load from combo or DX7 bank.

I think global midi can be different depending on the 6 instrument midi channels.
As instrument midi channels are part of the mixer, global midi is also part of the mixer.
I admit i hesitated before putting it here, but that was my conclusion.

Thanks a lot for your 3 other entries, will have a look later this week.
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