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Hi! Here is a demonstration of some of my patches.
Only PreenFM2 sounds. Including all drums. No sampling. A maximum of four parts are played at one time.
All midi from Octatrack. Reverb - Bigsky.

There are two patches playing here, but all drums are made in Octatrack from a noise sample.

After a while, I will put together a bank with some patches and put them in free access.
Insanely addicting synth. ))

I can hardly believe it  :o

I would really love if you can say more about how you did that.. That's super impressive !

What kind of processing did you add in adition to the reverb ?
"No sampling" ? "A maximum of four parts are played at one time" ? What does that mean ?
All drums from the preenfm2 ? Even in "Flea King" ?

That's a fantastic work you did with all those tracks.
They ALL (all !!!) sound very good and very unique !
"I am preened" is beautifull !

Thanks for sharing, that, and yes a bank from this sound would be a dream.
I'm not aware of a drum sound bank ?

Any info about the case we can see on the picture ?

EDITED : Shared on facebook :

I mean that tracks with instruments (parts) were not previously dumped into audio and were not processed separately in any way. Here I am using Octatrack just as a midi sequencer for four (or less) instruments (parts). Then the audio from PreenFM2 goes to Strymon Bigsky and then is recorded. Only some maximization in the final. There is no more processing. Only careful adjustment of the parameters of each instrument. After all, FM synthesis gives you enough control over the sound spectrum, and flexible envelopes allow you to fine-tune the dynamics. Also, the excellent ability to control the panorama of the carriers allows you to do without chorus and other things. Even the delay can be simulated using automation. Of course, all this is not a panacea, but it gives a unique and interesting result.
All this means that at one point in time in each demo only one instance of PreenFM2 is playing - only one Combo with a maximum of four instruments. Although it may seem like more instruments are playing, this is because Octatrack controls some parameters ... in particular the carrier mix levels, their frequencies and other parameters. That is, one instrument (part) can sound like two or more instruments. For example, this is a good trick for drums, where one instrument (part) plays kick, snare and hat at the same time, you just need to control the carrier mixes in time. And Octatrack is doing this, controlling the MIDI CC. P-locks is a handy feature. Also in Octa, you can draw your own LFO shapes and then control various parameters to create additional rhythmic movements.

OT as a sequencer, PreenFM2, Bigsky and nothing else. Endless minimalism. 8)

Almost all demos use the Swell algorithm as a reverb ... it does not give tails from short sounds, so it can be used on the general mix. Although, this is not the best approach. PFM3 with separate outs would be a great solution.

Yes, absolutely all the drums in this playlist are synthesized in Preen. In "Flea King" too. Here kick and clap are one instrument with mix parameter automation.

I think the presets themselves will say more than I can write. ::)
But no problem case I will answer questions.
I will try to build a bank in the next couple of weeks.
Drum presets are also included.

Iskin (builder) assembled a synthesizer in a white case. I just made a gray stand on my CNC.

Thanks for the feedback and many thanks for the wonderful synthesizer!

I hope google translate hasn't misrepresented the meaning too much. My English is lame. :-[

So that's real time rendering of one preenfm2 + reverb + limiter.
I first thought that, then listening to your demos, i thought "no it's not possible". I even edited my first post  ;)
That's realy amazing.
I imagine the amount of work to automate these tracks.

Cannot wait to have a look to your bank !  8)

Great tunes! This is really great inspiration. There is so much potential for sound design on the preen that this helps hone in how different patches interact too.

The stands for the preen and the big sky in your album art, are those 3d printed?


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