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legato on short sounds


Now that I'm making and playing with unison sounds, I think I have a programming question regarding envelopes and mono sounds and legato playing style:

When I make short sounds (short envelopes, like a pluck or a bass) that are mono (e.g., either 1 voice or unison) when I hold down a first key, for example C3, then while the first key is still held down the envelope ends (intentionally), I then press the next key, for example C4, ( all the while C3 is still held down), and the pressing of the second key (C4) does not re-trigger the envelope. (The notes I used here are for example only and this holds true of any notes, including ones not in my example.)

I have to release the first note (C3) before pressing a second key to get the second key to sound.

So, the question is, how do I have to set the envelope to allow the triggering of the 2nd key press before the note off of the first key press? or is there another setting I may be missing.

I noted this as an issue also when playing solo sound lead lines in a legato style. If I play the second key to fast (before note off of the first note), I get no sound from that second key press even though the amplitude envelope has ended.


I'm not sure i get your question.
As the legato does not retrigger the enveloppe, if the sustain is 0 of all carrier operators, then legato cannot work.
The note will still exists with 0 volume, so the following note will not sound.
You have to realease the previous note and play a new one, to retrigger the enveloppe.
A note is considered finished in legto mode if the key is unpressed. Not if the envloppe is 0.
It's as designed.
Does that make sens ?

ok, makes sense. Thanks.


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