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assuming there will be a master section, i think it might be a great way to push the preenfm sound forward.

i would love to see a master section with its own midi channel for tweaks and note on functionality for its own envelopes and lfos etc.  i would also love to stack more than one effect and make assignments in the master mod matrix.

it would be great to see some useful lfo shapes like ’full on attack log decay’, some filter types like comb, ring mod, eq, maybe effects like pattern gate, cross fading, vector mixing, free/tempo synced tremolo, soft clipping distortion, good reverb, maybe simple buffer effects...

i think these ideas could take preenfm3 beyond and make a very nice upgrade incentive!

any thoughts you guys?


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I don't have a PFM3 yet..... yet.

 i tried lately making some master fx work on the pfm3..
especially making some reverb fx. Without much luck. I think there is not enough ram left for making a nice long reverb, as i first was looking for.
i will stick to an external fx unit for this one  ::)
but there is some room for a master fx like a comb filter, certainly !

With a master fx bus, each instrument have a "send" parameter ; this lead to a simple idea : instead of sending the fx bus to an embedded fx, we may send it to a chosen output for further processing outside..
This, with midi cc of the send level of each instrument, would make the preen like an automatable mixer..
What do you think, would you use that ?

i would use anything i can get.  it would be better if the comb filter were a part of the filters at the synth level.  i dont think a simple master section is really what i had in mind. i think something like preenfm3 deserves something more substantial.  but maybe i should get back into my modular synth.


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