If you have a PCB R5 (version is written on it) please use this BOM.

Here is the Bill of Materials you need to build a PreenFM2.

Resistors 1% metal

Ohms Number Mouser ref
68 3 660-MF1/4DCT52R68R0F
220 4 660-MF1/4DCT52R2200F
1.8K 2 660-MF1/4DCT52R1801F
8.2K 2 660-MF1/4DCT52R8201F
10K 2 660-MF1/4DCT52R1002F
115K 2 660-MF1/4DCT52R1153F
1M 2 660-MF1/4DCT52R1004F

Variable resistor & Network

Description number Mouser ref
9 pins 10kOhm 2  71-CSC09A0110K0GEK
LCD contrast variable 1  72-T70XX-10K

Diode & Inductance & LED

PFM2 Ref Number Mouser ref
D1 1N4148 1  512-1N4148
D2 1N4001 1  512-1N4001
L1 10uH 1  542-78F100-RC
LED 1  604-WP132XND

 Plastic Capacitors 5%

Value Number Mouser ref
1 nF 2  80-R82EC1100AA50J
3.3 nF 2 80-MMK5332J100J1TR16

Electrolytic Capacitors

Value Number Mouser ref
22uF 2  647-UPW1A220MDD
220uF 4   647-UPW1A221MED

Decoupling Capacitors

Value Number Mouser ref
100nF 9  75-1C10Z5U104M050B
330nF 1  FK18X5R1E334K

Voltage regulator

Name Number Mouser
1117LC33 3.3V 1   511-LD1117V33C
7805  5V 1 595-UA7805CKCS

IC Sockets

Size Number Mouser ref
DIP8 2  571-1-390261-2
DIP14 2  571-1-390261-3
DIP16 2 571-1-390261-4
DIP40 1  571-1-390262-5


Name Number Mouser ref
MCP4922 2  579-MCP4922-E/P
74HC165N 2  595-SN74HC165N
6N137 1  757-6N137F
mc33202 (end of life) 1  863-MC33202PG
mc33202 alternative 0 TI OPA2340 PDIP-8


Name Number Mouser ref
USB connector Type B 1  710-61400416121
USB connector Type A 1  710-61400416021
Mini USB conn 1  798-UX40-MB-5P
Audio JAck 2  550-10201
DC 2.1mm 1  163-7620E-E
Din5 Midi Jack 2  568-NYS325

Surface Controls

Name number Mouser ref
Knobs 4  450-BA600
Volume pot 10K 1  667-EVU-F2AF30B14
Knob 1  450-BA361
Switch 7  612-TL1100
Tac white 7  612-TAC-WH
Rotary encoder (end of life) 4  652-PEC11-4220F-N12 or 652-PEC11-4220F-N24
Encoder alternative 0  PEC11R-4220F-N0012

Screws & Nuts

Value Number URL
M3 nuts 4
M3 screws 20mm 4
M2.5 nuts 14 M2.5 nuts
M2.5 screws 8mm 4 Din5 fix
M2.5 screws 12mm 10 Case + LCD
Plastic Spacer 5mm 2  LCD spacer
M3 space 10mm 4 PCB-Control surface sapce


What number Mouser ref
2 pins headers (jmp1 jmp2 jmp3) 3  538-22-03-2021
Jumper link 3  151-8000-E
Right angle 2 pins header (USB) 1  538-22-28-8020
Plastic foot for case 4  517-SJ-5306CL
Optional header (P1 P2 P3) 1  538-22-28-4360


2 pin PCB connector Cable for Midi Din 5 : this is the one in the Kit

2 wires with femele connector for the USB connection on the PCB : anything like this

LCD headers male and female : 16 pins low profile (ebay or + Low profile are only needed with the « official » case.

LCD : any HD44780 compatible character screen with same size as :×4-1.html
Mouser has some newhaven ones that should fit. Double check the size, OLED ones have smaller bezels and won’t fit with the provided svg case file, without modification.
In these LDC only the 16 upper holes  are used. If you LCD does not have the 16 bottom ones, it’s OK.

USB cable : 5V Power + mid over USB + firmware upgrade DFU

Optional if you don’t power through the USB cable : wall power suply 7 to 9v.
The PreenFM consumes 120mA but a 7.5V/350mA power supply reportedly did not work. Si for 7.5V power supply choose 500mA min.


Headers from the PreenFM2 Kit :


PCB : you can order one in the shop.

Case : download the files from this page and order it at ponoko/formulor.


You’ll also need



  •  a USB Stick (The « Sandisk Cruzer blade » works well)