The Old Case


For the case you need the 6 plastic parts, the 4 enclosure feet and the screws and nuts.




Start by sticking the 4 enclosure feet on the bottom part.

On the pictures above and bellow you see the bottom side of the bottom part so it’s the side on which you should stick the feet.




Then flip the bottom part over and fix the 1 side. The right angles of the side are against the bottom part like shown on the picture bellow.

All the clean transparent parts are fixed with the 8 screws 12mm M2.5.




The continue with the second side and the front part like you can see bellow.




Add the back part and it should look like this :





Here is how to prepare the midi cable.


Here is a first view of this wiring.




The 2 cables have two different lengths. On mine the brown and black wire are 7cm and 6cm. I think they could be a bit smaller.



Respect the colors and solder like this.



In case it’s not clear on the image above, the brown and black wire are soldered against pin 5 and 4.



And screw these 2 cables in the back surface with the 4 * 8mm screws and 4 M2.5 nuts.

The 7cm cable is for midi Out and the 6cm for midi In.





Take top controle surface, the 4 screws 20mm M3 and the 4 M3 nuts.  Prepare the top part like this.



Insert the 4 screws in the 4 holes of the PCB then fix it with the 4 M3 nuts.







Put this part and the crystal box side by side. Plug the midi cables.




Add the white cap and the knobs.