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Hello everyone,

after I got all the parts I needed, I recently built my Preen FM2! It works, and I am very happy with it. Incredibly great and versatile synth for ~€100 (I still had some parts lying around) (I am so glad I didn't go for the Volca FM.. ;) This is so much more). It is running: it came with Firmware 2.08 pre-installed, and I added the soundbanks.

But, this I can't figure out:
I can pre-listen to presets, but once I have loaded the sound, I cannot find an option to load a new sound. It sticks with it forever. I can edit it, but I cannot load a new preset. Interestingly, when I browse through a bank, I can hear the sound when I press button 1-5, but when I play my MIDI keyboard, it will play the loaded sound. After I hit 'loading', nothing is updated.

I have updated to firmware to the newest v2.21, but this behaviour stays exactly the same.

Maybe I am doing something incredible stupid, and this is easily solved. I would think it is quite unlikely that is caused by a hardware error, but why would I be the only one that reports this behaviour?

I would be very happy if someone would help me out here.. thanks very much in advance!

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