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Hello, I recently bought a used PreenFM3, I do not know who assembled it or anything like that, but all the audio elements are working but the screen regularly turns all white, I don't notice a pattern, it seems to be random. In addition to this, when I select a new preset or change screens, the screen won't be fully updated, so that it will list only the first three items.

I opened it up and took the attached pictures of the screen jumper solder points, I reflowed and added a little solder to a few that looked a little lacking but otherwise I can't see anything too wrong. As far as power supplies go, I have experienced this using a CIOKS DC5 and also the "JFEC" adapter that came along with it. Sorry about the pictures, my original pictures were too large and so I resized them but it is still rather large for the forum. Let me know if you see specific pictures of any section.

Sometimes it will happen frequently, sometimes it not happen for a while but it does occur at least once per "session".

The screen is always able to be reset using MENU + '-' however this doesn't work in the MIDI controller mode, which I would suggest implementing because I get white screens when using the MIDI control mode and can't MENU- out of it.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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