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Here are the VST version for windows.
Chose the win32 for 32 bits and x64 for the 64 bits version.

August 16th : OSX version !
This is 2.00.B3 version so it requires a 2.00.B3 firmware.
The VST for OSX should work for both 32 and 64 bits host and osx 10.5 and above.
I'm very interested by any feedbacks on osx. This is very new for me and to be honnest i've only tried with Reaper 32bits on osx 10.6.8.
The library i use do not allow for the moment AudioUnit plugin to send midi. I'll work on that.

Let me know all your problems/bugs etc... All remarks are welcome.

What's new in PreenVST 2.00.B3
. Compatible with firmware 2.00.B3 (matrix destination list + FULL NRPN support).
. Provided with more than 50 presets from the great Funkyfli bank + some drum sounds.
. Preset names are now editable with you computer keyboard and is saved with the preset.
. New version number to make the firmware compatibility clearer ;-)
. Much more tests than the previous one (so lots of fixes)...

Quick start :
Update your PreenFM firmware to be compatible with your PreenVST.
Then, PreenFM  Menu->conf :
  Midi channel : All or 1
  Midi thru : No
  Recevies :NRPN
  Send : NRPN
In your sequencer, the track where you put the plugin should receveive the PreenFM midi output and the track should send midi to the PreenFM input.
Load a preset on the PreenFM (hardware) then press "get preset" on the plugin... The hardware should dump its state and the plugin should be updated.

. What you change on the plugin should be copied to the PreenFM.
. What you change on the PreenFM should be copied to the plugin. So they should stay in sync.

Quit the sequencer, reload your project, the PreenFM should be initialized with the plugin state.

PS :
The sources will be available and i used IPlug libraries from Cokcos modified by olilarkin:
Si this should compile without too much modification as audio unit for mac. If you have a mac, understand what all that means, and have free time to spend... let me know.

If you use Reaper you need to do the following:
"First call up the preferences panel (CTRL P) - then scroll down the list on the left and choose 'MIDI Devices'
At the bottom of the main panel, you will see tick boxes for "On stop/play..." followed by a few reset options.
Clearing the 'Reset CC' should stop Reaper from sending annoying messages that will set to the min value the last param you changed..."



I tried using it in Sonar X1 Extended x64 and I could not get it to work.  It does however load, open, close and look fine. 
To set up vstis that output MIDI in Sonar, you are supposed to 'Enable MIDI Output'.  I could not get this to work however many times I clicked it.  (I enabled output on Kontakt.)  Though, I have never used a vst hardware programmer before, so I could be missing something. 
It does look good though, and  I hope to use it to full effect. :)


Thanks for the report.
I'll give it a try with sonar.
I have a sonar 8 license... I'll reinstall it and see if i can reproduce. I also saw there's a trial sonar X1 version.
I really have to try it on other hosts...


Sonar has a very unintuitive way of implementing MIDI vsts.  From what I have read, in order to get midi input and output... you first need to designate the vst as an instrument and then enable midi output on the instrument.  I think this is the first time I have bothered to try to get this working.  Hopefully, you have better luck. :)

The first VST was declared as an FX, it must be a synth to work in Sonar.
The v0.2 i just uploaded should work better.

I fought against sonar 8 to have it working.
I have the VST send midi to the Preen.
I cannot get the Preen send correctly to the VST. Seems like all NRPN value are 0. The right VST controller change but with the value 0.
There is a strange "don't intercept NRPN" option in the VST options that does not change anything.
Don't know if it's a Sonar 8 problem with NRPN or if it's a problem with the VST.

I'll try to investigate further when i have more time.
Anyway this V0.2 is better than the other.

Let me know what works / does not work for you,



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