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PreenFM3 prebuild availability?



Happy preenfm2 euro user here with a quick question. When will PreenFM3 pre-built units be available for purchase on the site? I bought my preenfm2 from Van Daal a while back but he's been out of stock on the built PreenFM3 units for a hot minute and hasn't responded to any e-mails about the next batch. Are these being hit by the chip shortages? I'm out of the loop!

Xavier if you're reading this, thanks for the easy scala file compatibility on the new PreenFM3 ! That is an instant buy for me.

Cheers and thanks


The low  €/$ ratio + the preenfm3 MCU (STM32H743) at $30  (instead of $10) makes me hesitant to order a new batch.
I'll may do it before the end of the year, but i'll have to increase the pfm3 PCBs price.

That's the current state :)


Hi Xavier,
Same problem for the PreenFm R6 disponibility ?
Same problem than SISYPHUS, no response of vandaal-electronics to my mail and facebook post !?


The Pfm2 is cheaper and easier to order. Althgough i just checked and the CPU is out of stock.
But i still have some preenfm R6 PCBs in stock :


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