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PreenFM2 for sale. White face metal front enclosure, one tiny dint on the back edge of the top of unit(1mm square), USB installed with patches from Bensons DX7 page including DX7 factory roms.

UNIT IS POWERING ONLY VIA USB FROM PC(Which also sends midi) OR VIA A USB PLUGGED IN CHARGER(like you can power Roland Boutiques - this method requires a midi lead set-up, not sure if IXOX would recommend this). I do not know what the 'adapter in' fault is - someone built this for me, may be an easy fix, but it works over USB so didn't bother me until now - now that I want to sell it.

Asking for £90 UK + Shipping if anyone interested please contact me or bump this thread...I will use XE to get the rate if you are EU.

Sale is for the unit only - no leads/power/usb etc

PreenFM2 / VST Editor manual or know how with Cubase?
« on: July 01, 2017, 04:40:25 PM »
Hi, please could you explain how to use the VST editor with a DAW and configure it with Cubase 7, no manual for this. I know how to use the standalone, but the VST has no midi in/outs on it. I've got the VST installed and working but not configured.

PreenFM2 / 3 note max polyphony????
« on: July 01, 2017, 01:59:51 PM »
I'm only getting 3 note polyphony on all patches loaded onto USB Stick, this includes PREEN.BNK and any other bank patches I downloaded from the net, I have tried every single setting I can find?

PreenFM2 / PFM2 VST editor not showing in cubase
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:51:13 PM »
Put .dll in my Steinberg/VSTPlugins folder

It is not seeing the plugin?

Cubase 7 32bit install of cubase/32bit .dll, I am using the correct .dll and have had no luck, the VST does not exist in Cubase?

PreenFM2 / Midi In/Out V's USB etc?
« on: September 28, 2014, 11:37:40 AM »
Just bought the PreenFM2, what I want to know is can I use mains power and midi in/outs only for connecting to a DAW/The VST Editor instead of USB as I am out of USB ports, will it work equally as well with this method?



1. Will these be available all the time to buy or released in small batches which sell out?

I really want one but cannot afford it right now(maybe before Xmas), I have asked TubeOhm to build it for me so far and he has given me a quote.

Other questions:

2. What patches does it come pre loaded with, i.e. does it have any classic patches from the 4op DX's like Lately Bass/Solid Bass etc or any classic DX7 banks etc or all new presets.

3(Solved). How easy is it to install DX7 banks/patches?

Cheers upfront...

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