Author Topic: Using the PreenFM sequencer with other midi instruments  (Read 1352 times)


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Using the PreenFM sequencer with other midi instruments
« on: October 25, 2016, 09:29:00 PM »

I have a fairly simply setup:

Drum Machine Midi Out (master clock) => Bass Synth Midi Out => Electribe 2 Midi Out => PreenFM2's Midi In.

When I start the drum machine all instruments start to play except the PreenFM2. Shouldn't it play as well? Is has a sequencer so my guess is that is should. I do not want to sequence it with the Electribe 2 (externally), I want to use the PreenFM's sequencer along with the others. I'm just starting out so maybe I am missing some beginner knowledge but I'd like some help with this, it would be great.

FWIW, it's could be the Electribe2 as it's the only instrument that really makes me mad when using midi

Also, I'm not using a midi controller with the PreenFM as I need a Midi Merge box in order to do that and don't have the enough cash atm to do that...but that wouldn't be it would it?

Or am I wrong and the PreenFM doesn't have a type of sequencer that can do this....again, I have beginner knowledge so maybe it's something I know understand at this time.

Any help is appreciated...if I can get it to sequence on it's own with my other instrument that would be HEAVEN.  :D

* Note: Weird! If I manually press down on one of the Electribe 2 pads it seems to trigger the sequencer and note values. Why isn't it triggering it alone? Does this mean the Electribe 2 is the issue?

Note again: I took the Electribe2 out of the equation and the PreenFM made no sound in the beginning (MIDI channel 1). I did see a quarter note symbol going to the tempo so something was working. I switch over to MIDI Channel 3 (1:3) and it seem to trigger the PreenFM and start playing the sequence! But, I realized I have two other issues. The PreenFM isn't going along with the master clock (90 BPM). I had the Preen set at 90 bpm so that's why it seemed to play along but I increased the tempo of master clock and it stayed at 90. So, I stopped the master clock (drum machine) and the PreenFM wouldn't stop playing. I assume it has something to do with the gate/triggers but could be wrong. So again, the Preen isn't going along with my master clock and it keeps playing once I've stop it (which makes sense seeing as it's not really syncing to the master clock)...will try some other things tonight. 

figured I would document it for anyone that reads this...especially newbies. :)
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Re: Using the PreenFM sequencer with other midi instruments
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2016, 11:30:22 PM »
I'm not sure what you're trying to do.

There is no actual sequencer in the preenfm2.

There are some steps sequencers, LFOs, and arpegiator, which all can be synced to an external midi clock.
The blinking note on the display should show up and blink synchronized to your ext midi clock.

The LFO and step sequencer "Freq" must be set to one of the MC values.
MV values are after all the regular tempo bps.

The argpegiator clock must be set to "Ext" to use the external midi clock.