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preenfm2 and preenfm3 / preenfm3 SEQ feature wish
« on: January 22, 2023, 10:39:48 AM »
Hi Xavier,

I have a suggestion and wish for the step sequencer in the preenfm3.

Currently, it is not really designed to enter specific notes into the step sequencer without MIDI IN. However, it is possible to play notes by using the MENU+(1-6) keys. This way, one can also enter any of these 6 different notes of any length using knobs d and e into the step sequencer.

Since button 5 is not is use, it could be used to access the note value and velocity underneath the cursor. In the gray box, one could display the note value, and when pressing 5 and then using the encoders, one could both modify the note value and velocity. This would be really cool, because we could make complete sequences without any external gear. At least for me, this would be super useful.

I think this suggestion would work really well for monophonic sequences. Since the step sequences is polyphonic, one could think further of ways to implement that as well (maybe button 5 could open a sub-menu for the current step).

Cheers, Christopher

Hi guys,

I really appreciate the shape control over each part of the envelopes. It gives quite subtle possibilities to create more texture and movement - super cool!

Thanks a lot for the update

Cheers - cluso

This works like a charm - thank you so much for incorporating it!

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: OSC Parameter copy&paste
« on: April 12, 2022, 03:59:45 PM »
Hi Xavier,

Yes, this could apply to several settings beyond the envelopes, that'd be really cool. Two possibilities could be:
- Hold Menu and - / + to copy and paste page (similar to "play the test tone" with Menu and 1-6)
- Long press - and long press + to copy and paste page

Meanwhile, I found out that holding Menu while turning the knobs changes (relative) values for all envelopes at the same time. This is already a really useful feature.


preenfm2 and preenfm3 / [Added in V1.10] OSC Parameter copy&paste
« on: April 08, 2022, 10:19:18 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if there is a shortcut to copy&paste parameters from one OSC to another directly on the preenfm3. It is possible for the ADSR envelopes in the software editor - it would be super handy to do the same directly on the device.

Thanks, cluso

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / case
« on: April 05, 2022, 05:05:43 PM »
Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share a couple of pics of the case I made for the preenfm.
Thanks Xavier for making this little machine.


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