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preenfm2 and preenfm3 / How works performance?
« on: November 02, 2023, 02:09:52 PM »
Im intrigued of performance (inside of Edit), works like Elektron machine where u can route some options to the knobs for make easier the performance? If not how works?

Hello tonight I remember that a week ago I discover by accident that if u push the button red menu + the first on button of the six that are near of the red button you would trig the synth

So I was trying to design a sound for make some drones but when I push other button the sound slowly disappear

Anybody know how to make a functional drone , without needing a sequencer or a keyboard?

If not, would be great to can have an option of infinite duration to trigger the sound.

Btw I tried with the internal sequencer but it’s strange because the seq didn’t retrigger the sound and also it’s not ideal for make a drone cuz I would have a small pop every time that retrigger.

Thks guys

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Noise background problem
« on: September 17, 2023, 05:15:12 PM »
Hello today I notice that when the preenfm3 have a noise background problem. When the unit it’s connect send a noise not super loud but enough for disturb a clean recording. Happend to anyone? Have a solution?


I would love to study/learn for be able to make some changes on preenfm3,  what I need to do for  start to do it by myself ?

Anyway, I’m going to write down what I would love to see on preenfm3 like this maybe someone also can do it.

I would love to add/change a parameter on the mixer screen

For me the scale mode it’s not super useful there.
On a live situation I’m on mix screen , I would love to create a perform menu and put it where is the scale menu like this I have on a really accesible place super near to the volume menu

I would love that on the perform screen I can adjust some parameters:
-position of the filter
-be able change at least adsr of the operator (with the adsr image display)
-also quick access on this menu for change the mixer file, like this you don’t need to do menu diving for change the sounds during the performance

Also I would love to add a third fx slot
The first fx I use for give character to the sound
Also de second (this I usually don’t move during a performance,, maybe becouse it’s to much menu diving)

So would be great to have a third one for can tweak on a live performance situation. And this parameter have the possibility to change on the performance option, also would be great to have a option for can use this filter/fx like it’s in the master or like it’s on a specific sound.

Preenfm3 it’s super compact synth, ideal for live performance knobing, and I think that would be great to implement more functions that invite to use on this way

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / my first 69 sounds on preenfm3
« on: September 04, 2023, 03:20:23 PM »

Hello guys!
I’m in love with the preenfm3

I started to see some mini bugs like the envelope image sometimes froze, or the “oscillator” froze and I need to put down the attack level and put up. (Only happens when I’m doing sound design not on a live situation) anyway I’m super in love with the machine, ah and one knob it’s not doing the click thing

But even more f happens all this stuff I’m super happy of the preenfm3

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / questions and ideas
« on: August 27, 2023, 03:21:22 PM »
Hello, I just received my preenfm3 a week ago

I’m really in love , I still having some doubts but I see all the potential that have the machine  :)

•My first question it’s about software and programming. I don’t know nothing about programming (just do a course of a few hours of Processing, but if I want to add something to the software , what should I learn? I guess i would need a few months but I would love to know a place for start for be able to add things that I imagine on the future

•I would love to know where I can see all the abbreviations on the lfo and matrix and effects. Would be great

Maybe some of this points are totally not possible but I would love to ask anyway
•it’s possible to see a visual eq (like the image of fabfilter or the regular eq from ableton)

•I’m trying to learn more of fm synthesis, and I try to follow Yamaha dx tutorials or ableton operator, on preenfm3 but I don’t find where is some parameters , for example the output level of the operator and carriers where are? Is it the attack level? If anybody knows would be great for follow the tutorials :)

•I know on Yamaha dx7 if you re trigger the key u heard the effect of the new configuration. On analog synthesizers if you tweak the new configuration you heard how it’s changing (this let to create interesting variations) so I’m wondering if this possibility exist or it’s not able like the Yamaha dx7

•lfo shaper it’s possible to have and lfo that start when the note it’s trigger and can adjust the shape like it’s and adsr? On ableton it’s a function call it “shaper” that do what I say

•I use a MacBook for the software of the preenfm3 on the computer, but sometimes 8/9 freezes and the machine (preenfm3) stop to sound. So I need to restart the device and not use the program

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