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Here some Presets.
This is my first Time, I use a Fm Synth.
but a very easy to use synthesizer.

I like the Preen.  :)

and many more...


Hey thanks a lot.
These are the first PreenFM Patches on this forum !!  :D
Some of them are really good :
I like a lot the release in Bellish...
Or how one of the buddha Pad become fragile after 2 seconds (test patch.syx).
Nice... :-)

Tips to get a better signal/noise ratio.
Reduce the "Velo" value, that will prevent the noise to be very low.
Try to increase the sustain value of the enveloppes.. If that does not change the main idea of the sound, prefer them high.

Have you tried to use the step sequencer ?
Please keep on sharing !


Thanks for the Tip.

No the the sequencer I didn´t try to use.
This is the next step and a interessting Tool for dynamic Sound.
 8) I dipped deeply into the algorithms and don´t come back for many hours.  :D
FM is amazing / extensively.

You can use the presets for the next Firmeware Update?  That would be Cool.   ::)

The firmware 1.61 dont have any new presets.
But i keep them for a presets bank i'd like to build...
I'm glad you enjoy fm synthesis  :D



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