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Easiest way to upgrade is to follow step 1 & 2 here :

Latest firmwares and the bootloader are available from Github releases folder :

Latest version : 2.21


Latest version : 2.20

Screensaver was broken and prevent the display from working properly.
Sound saturation fixed.

Latest beta version : 2.20b2

Loading a patch with midi program change now stores the patch and bank so that you find them immediatly when saving it through the menu.

Latest beta version : 2.20b1

If you have a PCB R6 SMD, you need this version or NEWER to get any sound out of the preenfm2.
If you flash the PCB for the first time, please follow the steps here :
And use the dfu file attached to the release.

If you have the PCB R5 (through hole) this version is the same as 2.12.

Latest stable version : 2.12

A description is attached to the release.

OLD history

Versions before 2.08

2.07 : MTX* target

Click to download firmware 2.07

. Fix a problem with mtx1-4 matrix destination.

2.06 : Fixes and CCs

. Fix a frequent missing note bug :
. Fix a rare hanging note bug

. midi CC added for arpegiator (  CC_ARP_CLOCK = 97, CC_ARP_DIRECTION = 98, CC_ARP_OCTAVE = 99, CC_ARP_PATTERN = 100, CC_ARP_DIVISION = 101, CC_ARP_DURATION = 102)

2.05 : Fixes and Improvements

. New matrix target "Dec*" : Decay all
You'll find it between Att* and Rel*.

. New matrix target : "o*Fh" (h for 'harmonic' / Located after "o*Fr").
Harmonic frequency shifting : required for accurate Pitch Bend.
It's been discussed here :
The final solution is a new matrix target that shifts ALL oscillators. The matrix multipler is exactly the number of shifted tone UP and DOWN.

. The test note (left buttons while browsing presets) is not anymore muted when you change patch or trigger a new random preset. So use and abuse.

. Low frequency stuck note finaly fixed

. Last minute matrix source re-order

. Fix a problem that prevent the matrix target IM* from diminishing the velocity IMs.

. Breath aka "CC2" is now available as a matrix source

2.03 : more CC

Click to download firmware 2.03

. more CC
Filter type (70), param1 (71), param2 (72) and gain (73).
Env attack of op 1 to 6 (74...79) + all op at the same time (80)
Env release of op 1 to 6 (82...87) + all op at the same time  (81)
LFO 1 to 3 phases (88, 89, 90), Bias (91, 92, 93) and Shapes (94, 95, 96).

. Bug fix : "fixed frequency operator" do not glide anymore. Thanks jarilo :)

2.02 : better user waveform preprocessing

Click to download firmware 2.02
. Better preprocessing of user waveform text file. Txt files are now centered and normalized before being turned into bin files.
  You have to remove the *.bin files that the preenfm2 created with version 2.01 so that they are recreated with 2.02 new algorithm.
. Any number of samples between 32 and 1024 are now accepted.

2.01 : User waveforms

Click to download firmware 2.01
Up to 6 waveforms can be put in  /pfm2/waveform/ of the preenfm2 usb drive.
They must be called usr1.txt, usr2.txt... usr6.txt
Format is simple :

--- Code: ---<4 chars for name>
<number of samples>
<sampe1> <sampe2> <sampe3> ....
--- End code ---

Number of samples must be a power of 2 and <= 1024.
Samples must be float values between -1 and 1 with a "." as decimal separator.
Samples can be separated by what you want : tab, space, comma, return....

See message here for examples.

The preenfm2 will create a usr*.bin from your txt to read the waveform faster and so boot faster.
If you modify your waveform you have to remove the bin so that it's recreated.

The waveforms can be found in Operator>Shap>. After "Off".


2.00 New features

1. Real polyphony

Each voice now has its own modulation matrix and LFOs. (Used to be per instrument).
Effects (LP, HP etc) are still per instrument though.

2. Scala support / Microtunig
Use the bootloader to access your Usb drive (Hold ENG button while switching on) / Or unplug your USB stick.
Add a "scala" folder inside "/pfm2/".
Put your favorite *.scl file in /pfm2/scala/". Only 128 files will be selectable from the preenFM.
Rename them if needed so that their name before ".scl" has 8 chars max.
(You can at the same time put your 1.06 firmware in "/pfm2" so that you can go back to it quickly if needed).
At the same time : BACK UP your personal presets.
4500 scales are available at the bottom of this page :

Go to Menu>Tools>Scala :
Then you can enable/disable scala scales, select your scale file, change the base middle C frequency, and select the midi note mapping.
Press menu one more time (until "DONE" shows up) if you want your scala settings to be saved.

3. Midi note scaling

For those who didn't follow the discussion this is a settings that allows to modify the midi note response for the "Note" matrix source:
There are now 2 independent note scaling : note1 & note2.
They can be edited at the end of the LFO page (Hold LFO Button + turn encoder to go through pages).
To use them, select "not1" or "not2" in any matrix source value.

Simple use case example :
Stereo panning over the keyboard. Low note on the left, high note on the right....
Decrease the IM for high notes to get rid of aliasing.

4. LFO1/2/3 phase.
Lies in LFO menu after the 3 LFOs.

Wow! Gonna check it today.

Just noticed this at almost 1am, so too late to try it right now but very cool! Thanks for implementing key scaling, and although I never popped into the discussion, I had been following the microtuning topic too. This was already a powerful synth, but it's just become even more powerful.

I'll check it out and give some feedback when I get time, especially the note scaling. If I understand correctly, we still use the matrix to route 'note' to whatever we want. The new page allows us to adjust the response of the 'note' source? Very cool and more versatile than my original suggestion which was specific to IM scaling by note (which I guess is somewhat analogous to filter key tracking).

Ok, i checked this a little yesterday. Gonna dig deeper today.
First of all. 1 and 2 are working, i didn't checked LFO phases yet.

1. I messed with this feature for a while. It works indeed. Sounds cool. Tried some exotic and not so exotic scales with Octatrack's overmodulated arpeggiator. PFM2 can sound like gamelan orchestra from Saturn now :D (especially with Note scaling it sounds super organic and natural) or everything can be slightly re-tuned, awesome. Gonna research further this feature and make some measurements in Mapping department, comparsions with other scala implementations etc.

2. This feature works too. I did not delved in details yet. Have to find sweet spots, gonna try this with basic operator setups and so on. But yes, you can get interesting results with this feature already.

Found a little problem, maybe it is my fault, will investigate today. It loads default patch now and doesn't save this setting after chaging it to Bank or Combo. After reboot it loads and shows 'Default' in settings again. Also could not get USB midi to work, maybe it is my fault too. Was pretty tired yesterday.

Gonna say PreenFM2 became even more awesome. Thank you Xavier!

Oups, I wrote a short message yesterday but I guess I forgot to post it...
Anyways, I was just showing my enthusiasm and hope to experiment soon with those additions. :)


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