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There were several requests about bank management.
I also need one :)
Can be fun to do.

I think that could be done from the editor menu :

1. Create folder presets from preenfm bank
2. Create preenfm bank from folder presets

(2) requires a step to reorder the preset.

So i've made 200+ new patches recently using the fantastic editor, they're saved on my PC.. Isn't there some way i can make these into a bank(s), or do i have to upload each individual patch?

I have 500 patches saved in total now (300 are uploaded manually, one by one) but i want to rearrange all of it, which will be very tiresome if i have to upload each of the 500 patches from the editor and do the saving on the preenfm2.

Just a simple script where you put all patch files you want as a bank in a folder and execute a .bat file to merge it to a bank would be immensely helpful :)

Editor files and pfm bank are totally different. First one is a ziped xml text file, and the second one is a dump memory of the ARM memory.
Pfm can read bank but knows nothing about editor file, and vice-versa.

Let me think about a solution....  ???

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: pfm2 : usb midi not working macos 10.10.5
« on: January 16, 2021, 02:09:36 PM »

Great  :)
Thanks for the update.

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: mod destination fdbk does not map well
« on: January 15, 2021, 06:07:27 PM »

Got it.
As its range is [0:1] compared to [0:16] of other IM, maybe dividing by 16 is a good idea. No ?
Specially knowing that feedback above 0.5 produces lots of noise.

Good catch  :)

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: voice volume as mod-destination
« on: January 15, 2021, 06:01:56 PM »
Yes Mix is limited to 1.0 in the internal engine even after applying matrix modification.
I was about to change it but it may change how some existing presets currently sound. So i'd like to avoid that.

There's a way to achieve that by using "Mix *" destination.
Go to Edit>FM>Mix and set all Mix to a value lower than 1. Let's say 0.2 (use MENU + encoder to turn down all mix value at the same time).
If the level is to low you can go in the Mixer volume to turn it up for the whole instrument.

After that having a line in the matrix such as :
AftTo  /  0.8  /  Mix *
Will do what you want.

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: demo of some of my patches
« on: January 15, 2021, 08:42:03 AM »
So that's real time rendering of one preenfm2 + reverb + limiter.
I first thought that, then listening to your demos, i thought "no it's not possible". I even edited my first post  ;)
That's realy amazing.
I imagine the amount of work to automate these tracks.

Cannot wait to have a look to your bank !  8)

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: demo of some of my patches
« on: January 14, 2021, 10:46:22 PM »
I can hardly believe it  :o

I would really love if you can say more about how you did that.. That's super impressive !

What kind of processing did you add in adition to the reverb ?
"No sampling" ? "A maximum of four parts are played at one time" ? What does that mean ?
All drums from the preenfm2 ? Even in "Flea King" ?

That's a fantastic work you did with all those tracks.
They ALL (all !!!) sound very good and very unique !
"I am preened" is beautifull !

Thanks for sharing, that, and yes a bank from this sound would be a dream.
I'm not aware of a drum sound bank ?

Any info about the case we can see on the picture ?

EDITED : Shared on facebook :

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: PreenFM2 R6 Which MIDI pins to solder?
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:39:33 AM »

Yes that's how the midi DIN5 should be soldered.
You can see the IN 5/4 and OUT 2/5/4 pins labeled on the PCB.
So you just have to wired this pins to the correct DIN5 pins.

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: dfu mode issue
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:35:17 AM »
then i checked the continuity of the sd traces : it were good until the sd socket itself, not so well soldered.
After resoldering the sd card socket, i now have a fully working preenfm3  8)

Thanks for the support, and for the preenfm3 ! i love it very much, the sequencer is funtastic and the filters sounds very nice in poly :D

Nice !!  :)
Happy to see everything is solved !

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: dfu mode issue
« on: January 13, 2021, 09:45:08 AM »
so i made the 5v link and the control board work fine now,

I think DFU and midi Din will also work much better.

but not the sd card reader : still error #6
i tried two sandisk : 1 ultra and another from the edge series, both previously formatted with the official formatter, deep formatting.
btw i use latest firmware.
i will have a look for another tft tomorrow.

I have this exact same TFT PCB and the SD card works fine.
Check the 4 pins soldering on the TFT PCB and the female one on the pfm3 main board.
I'll share a diagram with th 4 SD pins trace to check continuity.

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: dfu mode issue
« on: January 12, 2021, 09:29:11 PM »
Continuity is correct everywhere except between 4 and 8.

Between 4 and 8 ???
That's unexpected and really weird. That's a wide trace, i have no idea how that can happen...

maybe i should wire the hp hole (1) with +5v ?

Yes you can try that.
You can also try to resolder the point 4 (plus (+) of the capacitor), and maybe add a litlle solder ?

Your TFT/SD PCB is fine. That's not the bad one.
Error #-6# is a "no sd card" error.
Try to reformat the SD card with the official formatter :
And copy back the /pfm3/ folder on it.

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: dfu mode issue
« on: January 12, 2021, 09:24:56 AM »
Strange. Can you measure the voltages on the main board again without the controlboard attached?

+1 :)

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: dfu mode issue
« on: January 12, 2021, 09:18:33 AM »
Yes it looks like there's a problem on your 5v line (SD problem is likely different).

The 0.01v you have on the 5v is expected. It should not be labeled "5v" i changed that on recent PCB.
This is a bridge you have to solder if you want to power the "HP" (Auxiliary output on the left).

Your 2 x 3.29v are fine, that comes from the stm32 which is powered.

What is not working is the right "0" (2) of the controlboard connection. It should be 5v. That explains why the control board is not working correctly.
(And as it's wired to vcc DFU so you have 0v on DFU VCC also).

I added a trace of the 5V line on the attached  picture.

I may be wrong but i don't think that's a shortcut. I suspect a bad connection when the 5V line goes on the back side (the 3 dots on the picture).

Can you double check that there's not shortcut between the 2 right "0" (Gnd and 5v) of the controlboard) ? (turn off the power to check continuity).

And test a continuity between the 3 left 5v point (1/ HP,  3/ DFU, 2/ right "0") and right 5v (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ) ?

The SD is likely something different. Can you share a picture of the TFT PCB ?

preenfm2 and preenfm3 / Re: recall mix via program change
« on: January 11, 2021, 09:22:31 PM »
Program change is described here at the top of this page :

Code: [Select]
  Program change
  Bank select (CC#0) and Bank Select LSB (#32)
    Bank select=0 =>  BankLSB=Preenfm bank number
    Bank select=1 => BankLSB=Combo number
    Bank select=2 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 0->127
    Bank select=3 => BankLSB=DX7 bank 128->255

By default program change load from the pfm presets.
If you change CC#0 and #32 it can load from combo or DX7 bank.

I think global midi can be different depending on the 6 instrument midi channels.
As instrument midi channels are part of the mixer, global midi is also part of the mixer.
I admit i hesitated before putting it here, but that was my conclusion.

Thanks a lot for your 3 other entries, will have a look later this week.

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