Hi there,

I’m Xavier Hosxe, I live in Paris with my wife and my 3 children.
Working on the preenfm2 is a hobby. I spent a huge amount of time on it during the last 3 years but it’s still a hobby beside my software engineer main job. I have no plan to change that.
I sell the preenfm2 under the french laws of the « auto-entrepreneur« .

The PreenFM forum or facebook are 2 good ways to contact me, but you can also use this email address :



Don’t hesitate for any questions or issue you may have.

Other things i did in my life in addition to my software engineer main job and to misc diy projectswriting music, coding VST and this video game.


Other people made some great contribution to this project :

  • Frank Daniels (fcd72) : put around 13000 components into plastic bags for the may 2014 batch. He also redisigned and cut the pfm2 case.
  • Patrick Downling (pld) : bootloader and firmware patches such as the user arpeggiator pattern.
  • Hannes Pasqualini ( designed the metal case and often helped me to keep the pfm2 design in a good direction.
  • Ardi Mäesalu (VanDaalElectronics) builds the metal case.

Thanks to :

  • mutable-instruments for providing its great arpeggiator algorithm as open source code.
  • for gathering some good DSP algorithms.