Hi there,

My name is Xavier Hosxe, I live in Carrières Sur Seine (near Paris in France) with my wife and my 3 children.
Working on the preenfm2 is a hobby. I spent a huge amount of time on it during the last years but it’s still a hobby beside my software engineer main job. I have no plan to change that.

Please user the forum ( for any question or issue you rmay have. Thanks.


Other people made some great contribution to this project :

  • Patrice Vigouroux (Toltekradiation on the preenfm forum) : important contributions to the firmware such as 30+ new filter algorithms. His git fork is here.
  • Frank Daniels (fcd72) : put around 13000 components into plastic bags for the may 2014 batch. He also redisigned and cut the pfm2 case.
  • Patrick Downling (pld) : bootloader and firmware patches such as the user arpeggiator pattern.
  • Hannes Pasqualini ( designed the metal case and often helped me to keep the pfm2 design in a good direction.
  • Ardi Mäesalu (VanDaalElectronics) builds the metal case and designed a the Eurorack version.

Thanks to :

  • mutable-instruments for providing its great arpeggiator algorithm as open source code.
  • for gathering some good DSP algorithms.