For the USB Stick

Look in the 2.08 release and download Extract it on the usb drive.

If you want other DX7 sysex files download from the same place « ». Copy the files into your « /pfm2/dx7″ folder.

If you want 4500 scale files, download the scale archive at the bottom of this page :

Banks (i think they’re all in the zip file just above) :

PreenFM1 funkyfli 128 sounds bank to copy in « /pfm2/ »

PreenFM1 system bank to copy in « /pfm2/ ».

Funkyfli’s bank.

Clement’s bank .





PreenFM2 Firmwares 

If your bootloader is already flashed, you can quicly copy the firmware to the USB drive and flash from there: instructions are here
If you have a all new CERB40 board you’ll need to flash the bootloader go here.

Preenfm2 bootloader : Bootloader 1.11

And the latest firmwares :

Firmware 2.07 (Decembre 2016)

. Mtx1-4 problem fix. Details here

Firmware 2.06

. Fixes and improvements.. Details here

Firmware 2.05

. Fixes and improvements.. Details here

Firmware 2.03

. more CC

Firmware 2.02

. Better user waveform preprocessing

Firmware 2.01

. User Waveforms. 6 slots for your own waveform.

Firmware 2.00 b1

. Modulation matrix per voice : real polyphony
. Scala scale files supported : microtonality.
. 2 * Midi note scale
. LFO1-3 phase

Firmware 1.06

. Bug fix : When Ksyn = 0.01, LFO started with a huge value that could produce audio click at the begining of sounds.





The PCB was designed with Kicad :
The R5d kicad files are part of the preenfm2 github repository.



Previous model by me :

The Case was designed with Inkscape, Use 3mm thickness when you order it on Ponoko or Formulor.
. Case that fits regular LCD : LCD bezel size 98mm x 40mm. Previous svg files made with inkscape has problems with other vector apps, click here for the EPS file.
. Case for newhaven OLED display : OLED bezel size 94mm x 32mm - If you only need the top surface, download a P1 template from ponoko/formulor and copy the top surface inside.

There are lots of free space on this plate, edit it and add what you want. You can even duplicate everything and create a second box.

Latest model by Frank Daniels (fcd72) :

Available from the preenfm2 github directory.


Code and additionnal docopensource

The source is on github at this adress.

The algorithms in PDF format.